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PRE-SALE — If you are getting ready to sell your home, a pre-sale home inspection will help in correcting problem areas, assisting in valuing and pricing the home, and preparing a negotiation strategy. Unexpected surprises that may be uncovered by potential buyers can be averted, preventing headaches and expediting the sales process.

PRE-PURCHASE — If you are purchasing an existing home, a pre-purchase home inspection will identify major concerns, potential problems, and routine maintenance areas of the house as well as positive aspects and above average features. Maintenance areas will also be identified that will help you in avoiding expensive problems in the future and keeping your new home in good condition.

MAINTENANCE — For homeowners, a professional whole house inspection can provide a different perspective of your house. After you have lived in a house for so long, maintenance or potential problem areas often are overlooked. Our inspection and report can be used as a guide to help in maintenance planning and budgeting for repairs.

PROPERTY CONSULTATION — The consultation is similar to a general home inspection, but is not as detailed and does not include a written report. This service is only recommended for experienced home owners, investors, homes being sold as-is, or distressed properties where the focus of the inspection is on major components and systems and information about maintenance and general repair items is not required.

Our Whole House Inspections Include

ROOFING — We walk the roof whenever possible and check roof coverings, flashings, gutters, downspouts, chimneys, and more.

EXTERIOR — Walls, grading, doors, windows, porches, decks, patios, walkways, driveways, fencing, outbuildings, retaining walls, and more are inspected.

STRUCTURE — Foundation systems, walls, rafters, trusses, beams, posts, joists, surface drainage, and more are inspected.

ELECTRIC — The service entrance; main panel, sub panels, distribution wiring, receptacles, switches, lighting, GFCI and AFCI systems, and more are inspected.

PLUMBING — Service, distribution, and waste piping, fixtures, bathrooms, kitchens, hose bibs, water heaters, DWV systems, sump pumps, venting, and more are inspected.

HEATING/COOLING — Furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, air conditioning, ductwork, thermostats, distribution, venting, gas lines, and more are inspected. Gas lines are also checked for leaks and gas furnaces are checked for Carbon Monoxide.

INSULATION/ VENTILATION — Attic insulation and ventilation, wall insulation where possible, crawl spaces, windows, unheated areas, exposed components, and more are inspected.

INTERIOR — Walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, stairs, and more are inspected.

MAJOR APPLIANCES — Range, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, disposal, compactor, counters, cabinets, laundry area, smoke detectors and more are inspected.


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